Diamond Information

Diamond is one of the most famous and wanted stones around the world. With its properties of hardness and high dispersion of light, its beauty has appeared desirable for many jewellery.

At SS Gems, we provide Loose Diamonds for Single and Full cut Diamonds in star melee sizes. Includes white Diamond starting from 0.003 carat size in rounds and other shapes, plus fancy colored diamonds , TTLB Diamonds in many kinds of quality and prices. Please contact us directly for further information and details.

single cut diamonds

  • Single Cut
  • +0000-0000, +000-0, +0-2, +2-4, +4-7


  • Full Cut
  • Star Melee (1.3mm to 3.5mm)


  • Tapered Baguette
  • Sizes from 2 mm to 3.0 mm