Pink Sapphire


Pink Sapphire Information

This is Pink Sapphire which is natural Sapphire gemstone in pink color. Sapphires have been considered to be used by kings and queens for a long time as it represents symbol of luck.

At SS Gems, Pink Sapphires are supplied in Diamond cut Round, ovals, pears, marquise, squares kinds of shapes and in small, calibrated sizes.

PINK marquise

  • Sizes from 2×4 to 4×8 mm

sapphires ovals

  • OVAL
  • Sizes from 2×3 to 6×8 mm


  • PEAR
  • Sizes from 2×3 to 5×7 mm

pink sapphire round

  • Sizes from 1 mm to 4.0 mm


  • Sizes from 1 mm to 4.0 mm